★ AL-Qur'an

Quran e Kareem with translation, transliteration, and audio recitation of each chapter and verse of Quran. It includes following significant features:

  • It incorporates all the 114 Surah of Quran within order and proper settings
  • It Quran arabic scripts with transliteration feature makes you able to read and recite the correct pronunciation of Quran
  • Go To Ayah option for access to any specific Ayah of Surah
  • Bookmark of the Ayah to restore the recitation from where the user has left lastly
  • Note of ayah to write gooe notes for specifice ayah
  • Change of Font Style and size for user visibility
  • Daily quran verse timer to remember to read quran
  • Change of Font Style and size for user visibility
  • More features of share ayah and copy ayah text to clipborad
  • Verse by verse synchronized audio recitations (10 Surah of each Qari are free and purchase Pro version for full quran audio):
    1. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
    2. Saad Al-Ghaamdi
    3. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
  • Quran fully translated in 31 Languages:
    1. Albenian, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, বাঙালি, Berber Amazigh
    2. bosanski, 中文, čeština, Divehi, English, Espanol, Francais
    3. Hausa, हिंदी, Italiano, 日本語, Kurdish, മലയാളം, Netherlands, norsk
    4. فارسی, polski, Portugues, Sindi, Swahili, svenska, тоҷик, தமிழ்
    5. Tatar, Turkce, اردو, Uzbek